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John Bailey

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Who is John Bailey?
John is a Fundamental Independent Baptist Evangelist. Studied at Patriot Bible University, received B.S. in Biblical Studies at Landmark Baptist Institute. Ordinations from Starlight Baptist Church Jan 13 2010

He is also a Guinness Book World Record holder, Knife Thrower & Bullwhip Specialist.
What is used during the performance?
50 knives and 12 Tomahawks, thrown around an assistant from a variety of distances. 12 items are cut from the assistants’ hands in Bullwhip routines.

How long is the performance?
Shows last from 10-30 minutes, depending on your requirements. A KJV based message follows according to your needs.

What is the Bailey’s home church and Pastor?
Starlight Baptist Church
190 E. Bahama Road
Winter Springs, FL 32708
Dr. Glenn C. Riggs, Pastor

What are some appearances John has had in public media?

• Florida State University Graduate Film: “Expiration Date”, 2003 as “Hench the Knife Thrower”
• Stage Performance Astoria Palace, Estonia (Europe), Decota , Estonia (Europe)

Convention Show, The Exchange Co. Fl., Store openings, etc.
• International Corporate Convention Show, Solingen Germany
Annual host for: Blade Magazine/WKTG Knife Show, Knife  Throwing Championship for 6 years
Full time Evangelist starting in 2004 Churches, Sportsman Dinners, Round-up Sundays, and  other church “Big Day” events.
• TV Appearances: CBS Channel TV 6, Orlando, FL. – Dec. 2002,  Fox Channel TV 35-2001 and many event promos.
“Estonia At Night”, [The top rated late night talk show] in Estonia -2001.
• Print Media Orlando Sentinel (Exposé)
SL-Ohtuleht News (Performing at the Astoria Palace)
Business Journal (Entrepreneur Success)
Blade Magazine 4 pages, (Throwing Knife Targets  Construction).
American Survival Guide 3 pages, (Combat knife Throwing)
Boker Catalog (Throwing knife designer for Boker – 10 yrs.)
Western Stage Prop Catalog (Video production)
WWAC Rope-Line Publication, (article on performance in Estonia)
• Video, Book Produced and Directed “Recreational Knife Throwing Video I”
“Advanced Knife Throwing Video II” Book, and “Throw and Stick Any Knife”.

Some of John Bailey’s credentials:
• 1st Place World Quick-Draw Knife Throwing – 2006, 2007 and 2010
• 1st Place Speed & Accuracy Bull Whip – 2003, 2007 where he set a new Guinness World Record
• 2nd Place Speed & Accuracy Bull Whip – 2004, 2005
• International Knife Throwers Hall of Fame (Instructor of the Year) – 2003
• Speed Throwing record. 17 knives in 20 seconds – 2003
• 2nd PKT Long Distance Conventional Thrower – 2002
• 2nd Place PKT Tomahawk Throwing event – 2001 & 2002
• 1st Place Champion IKTA Long Distance record – 2000

John Bailey designs throwing knives.
John has been the Primary Throwing knife designer for Boker, Germany since 1998

The names of his knives are:
TanKri, Starlight, Mini Bo-Kri, Beil-AX ,Zeil, M-Zeil and the Bailiff-Tactical throwing knife

You can purchase John’s knives at:

What boards is John a member of?
• President and founder: World Knife Throwers Guild, Inc. (W.K.T.G.)
• Charter, board member: International Knife Throwers Hall of Fame
• Charter Member: American Knife Throwers Association (A.K.T.A. (Old Guard))
• Member: International Knife Thrower Alliance (I.K.T.A.)
• Member: Pacific Knife Throwers (P.K.T.)
• Member: Wild West Arts Club (W.W.A.C.)

Is John insured?
Yes! Insurance: Entertainment Liability Insurance.

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Monika Bailey

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Born in Frankfort Germany
Married in 1968 to John Bailey
Worked at Dana Corp. in Michigan for 15 yrs
Worked for MetLife as Administrator for 5 years
Worked for AvMed as Senior Administrator for 5 years
Worked for Sprint as Senior Secretary for the Corporate Senior Attorney for 8 years
Received her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Managment (started at the age of 47 with no college courses and received degree by age 50 while working for Sprint)
Currently assistant for husband John Bailey as the Target Girl in Lash and Steel Christian Ministry